Yarralinka Livestock Co.

Research-backed feeding program for high quality livestock

Who we are

Yarralinka Livestock Co. is a joint venture between Yarra Corporation and J.T. Johnsons & Sons. The former is involved in building a fully-integrated global supply chain from paddock to plate, and the latter is a multi-generation supplier and leading exporter of high quality animal feed from Australia. Based in South Australia, this feedlot engages in extensive research and constant upgrading for the betterment of livestock growth and wellbeing. From using only high quality feed to grooming a team of highly dedicated feedlotters, Yarralinka ensures that all cattle fed under its care will produce the best results for its stakeholders.

Mission & Vision

We are shaped by our values and are motivated to do good and be better for our stakeholders.

  • Mission
    We strive to achieve the best possible feeding outcomes in an efficient feedlot, achieving excellence in all areas of our operations, whilst being committed to safety, the environment, employee wellbeing and the satisfaction of our customers.
  • Vision
    To remain at the forefront of feeding high quality pellets to our livestock and supplying our customers with a quality product both domestically and internationally, whilst providing a safe, healthy, happy and sustainable work environment for our staff and stakeholders.
  • We believe in
    ✔ Safe, healthy, happy work environment.
    ✔ Family values and tradition.
    ✔ Generosity.
    ✔ Value for stakeholders.
    ✔ Respect and trust.
    ✔ Animal Welfare and Environmental sustainability.

Community Engagement Plan


Let the pictures speak for themselves.

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Enquiries, Feedback, Proposals are welcome. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us and we will have the right person contact you.

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    Lemmey Road off Princes Highway (A1), South Australia
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